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For information on all announcements and more call Yakama Nation Credit Enterprise (509)865-5121

For your convenience, we are posting on Yakama Nation’s website under the Yakama Nation Credit Enterprise link a Consumer Loan Application, which you can download, fill out and then email the completed application, and attach pertinent documentation (see brochure on this website), to the following email addresses:

Anita George, email address: ageorge@ynce.com 

Joy Esquivel, email address: jesquivel@ynce.com 

You can also fax the completed application to (509)865-4288 or put in the YNCE dropbox.

Office Hours:

M-T-W-F Doors 9am - 3pm Drive-up Window 9am - 4pm

Thursday Doors 1pm - 3pm Drive-up Window 1pm - 4pm

Operator Phone: (509) 865-5121 Ext. 4321

The objectives of the Yakama Nation’s Credit Enterprise are to provide financial assistance to the Tribal Membership, Tribal Enterprises, and individually owned Tribal Member Enterprises, on a reimbursable basis.  Loan assistance will include, but not be limited to: Housing, Consumer Financing, Economic, Development, Utilization Reservation Resources, Rehabilitation, Financing for the Development of Business Opportunities.

The Yakama Nation Credit Enterprise is committed to working harmoniously to achieve excellence, efficiency & profitability for you… The Member.

Yakama Nation Credit Enterprise

51 Teo Road
P.O. Box 1160
Toppenish, WA 98948


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